Ci Map

What is Customer Journey Mapping?

A Customer Journey Map plays a key role in building and developing customer-centric cultures by creating a common ‘language’ and ‘way of thinking’ about the customer and customer experience. 


  • Is a  visualisation of the end-to-end journey that our customers take when dealing with your organisation
  • Focuses on the ‘outcomes’ of interactions at each part of the journey, and  the emotional responses they provoke
  • Is built from the customer’s perspective and how it feels to be a customer (not internally, or business driven)
  • Acts as the ‘foundation’ through which can be linked data (eg, touch point NPS) and insights and then be used to drive business improvement activity
  • Helps all those in the organisation to understand what experience needs to be delivered, and what their personal and departmental contribution is at different stages of the journey.

CJM provides the opportunity to:

  • Identify moments of truth
  • Diagnose problems & process failures
  • Prioritise improvements & training needs
  • Audit all communication channels
  • Provide a rich central data repository
  • Understand the starting point for core business process redesign
  • Engage everyone across the organisation.

Ci Map is our proprietary software solution which provides a comprehensive customer journey map (CJM) framework for setting requirements and aligning the operational delivery of a desired customer experience – leveraging brand, strategy, business processes, measures, and people.  The CJM provides a visualisation of the full range of customer experiences, as a customer sees them, across all touch points and at all stages of the relationship.